The Proper Height of Bed Side lamp

Bed side lamp basically is the alternative to provide light around your bedroom. It is important for you to know the proper height of bedside lamp since it will improve the atmosphere around your space while enhancing the look in your bedroom.

For nightstand height, it should be about 24 to 30 inches tall. You need to choose bedside lamp for at least 27 to 32 inches tall while the nightstands should be about 18 to 20 inches will need taller lamp.

You also have to achieve balance in large bedroom with large bedside lamp. The smaller rooms will be overwhelmed if you go with large lamp. It is recommended to use small bedside lamp to create cozy and warm atmosphere.

To go with modern decor, it would be ideal with a lamp over-scaled in comparison to the height of your nightstand. On the contrary, the traditional bedroom design will be great to go with smaller lamp but with larger nightstands.

Be sure that the bottom of the lamp shade should reach at eye level when you sit up in bed. The light should shine on your lap, but not your eyes. This will make you comfortable with your bed side lamp.


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