How to Place Inexpensive Lamps in a Living Room For a More Expensive Look

Inexpensive lamps can play an important role to decorate and illuminate your living room. It is strongly recommended to choose the locations for various lamps to support your activities, your lighting needs and your mood. By placing the appropriate lamps in the right locations, it will maximize its function while creating appealing look.

First, you can place table laps on top of accent tables as well as shelves at the corner of your living room. This will radiate light inward so it provides you soft glow to the walls.

Second, make your fireplace to be a nice focal point by adding a pair of wall lamps or sconces. It will improve the decorative appeal but in subtle radiance.

Third, the floor lamp should be placed next to or behind an armchair so it can illuminate up-close activity including reading. Be sure that you can reduce possible eye strain by adjusting the bottom of the lampshade at eye level.

Fourth, place a small can lamp on the floor next to large potted floor plant to draw attention to the pot. You can adjust the light in order to radiate upward as the best way to create dramatic shadow on ceiling and on the wall behind the pot.

Fifth, to reduce annoying glare and soften the contrast between dark living room and bright television screen, you can set a floor lamp behind or adjacent to a television.

The last, add aesthetic symmetry while adding mood lighting for party-like feel by providing a matching of decorative table lamps perched on matching end tables and place a sofa on the center of those lamps. This will be helpful to make a functional illumination for both reading and writing even you use inexpensive lamps.

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