End Tables with Lamps: Tips to add the Right Lamps for your End Tables

End tables with lamps – Once you take measurements and evaluate about how you use a table lamp, it would be easy to add a lamp to your end table. It is very important to measure your end table as well as the lamp that you wish to add. You have to think about the right style of the lamp for your end table too. This will make it as a complementary lamp. When you choose the right size of lamp which is not too large and not too small for your end table, it will make a final touch around your room.


First, it is important to measure the diameter, the length and the width of the top of your table. Then, write the dimension down. Find the right lamp base and shade that is smaller in the diameter or the length and width compared to the size of your tabletop. The base must be smaller compared to the top of your end table to make the lamp sit on the table squarely. This will prevent any people from bumping into the shade when they just pass by the lamp and the end table.


Second, measure the distance from the floor to your eye level. Again, write the dimension down. To do this, you need to sit on your sofa next to the end table. The bottom shade of the lamp must be sit at eye level. It helps you to prevent the socket and bulb from its visibility.


Third, the height of your end table should be measured and write down. You have to subtract it from the measurement in step 2. By finding the resulting number, you can easily know the proper height of your lamp base.

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Fourth, ask yourself whether it will be an ambient light or you need the lamp for reading or sewing? If you want to use it as an ambient light only, it can go with regular base and fabric shade that can create soft and diffused illumination. Or, if you use it for reading or sewing it is recommended to use swing-arm lamp because the light is downward.


Last but not the least, after choosing the lamp for your end table, place it on it and check how it looks. Does it well enough for your end table? Does it proportional? Does it give you enough light? If all your answers are yes, it means you have found the right lamp but if the answer is no, it is important to re-measure the size and the style of your lamp. That is all about the tips of end tables with lamps.



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